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Danny’s Flooring & Interiors does beautiful tub and shower surrounds


Wide array of choices for tub surrounds & showers

Whatever your style or décor choice, you’ll a find large selection of porcelain, glass, natural stone or ceramic tile perfect for tub and shower surrounds and floors. Danny’s Flooring & Interiors can offer you an amazing selection of tile and tile-like products. Because they are artificially made, they can be formed in an endless variety of colors, texture and size. The most common forms of the tile are:

  • Porcelain tile
  • Ceramic tile
  • Glass tile
Porcelain and ceramic tile are made in a similar way. The basic raw earth material is clay that is baked at very high temperature. Glass tiles are made from silica dug from the earth and also baked at very high temperature. Besides lending themselves to wonderful design possibilities, ceramics are extremely durable. With proper care, ceramic floors and enclosure will give you decades of service.

The artificial nature of these products means they can be manufactured in just about any color, thickness or texture. These tiles can be made to look like natural stone products in the manufacturing process. So the design in your bathroom can be anything you imagine.

We do more than floors – we are known for tub surrounds & showers

Remember, the name of this business is Danny’s Flooring & Interiors. Sure we do flooring of every description but we are just as famous for the ceramic tub and shower enclosures we design and install.

Danny’s flooring and interior invites you to pre-shop online or stop in at our showroom in Stephenville. Take your time looking at all the samples and ceramic products that we can use to make your tub surrounds & shower more beautiful.